Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bethel 7 Job's Daughters International

Hi Everyone! Mr. Dericks and I just got back from Grand Session and while we had a wonderful time, we cannot wait until next year when we can take some Daughters from Bethel 7 with us!!! At Grand Session, the Grand Guardian and Associate Grand Guardian presented us with a "Road to Reality" board game- this is going to be a year long competition between the Bethels- there are numerous events and activities that our Bethel can complete in order to earn game pieces. The winner will be announced at Grand Session next year- but looking over all of the activities that we will be doing as we complete the game board I know that we will all be winners- how can you lose when you are promoting Job's Daughters, adding new members to our Bethel and getting to work with and know the other bethels in our district, and traveling to state events meeting new friends?

Just a reminder that we are having a parents/adults meeting at 1:00 this Sunday at the Masonic Lodge- we are going to go over the upcoming activities and plan some fundraisers. Then we will head over to go bowling with the Royal Arch Masons! The Royal Arch Masons have graciously agreed to treat us and have stated that they would love for us to bring our families and friends and PROSPECTIVE new members:)

On Sunday I am going to be passing out information regarding Job-A-Rama- it is going to be a blast. It is August 19-21 and I will need the paperwork returned to me by July 20. This event is always a blast, and it would be a great chance to bring any friends who may be interested in joining Job's Daughters.

A quick sneak peak at some events coming up:
-July 17, 2011 at 3:00 at my house: Scavenger Hunt/Picnic with Bethels 7, 12, and 75.
- September (TBD)- we are going to have a joint installation of officers with Bethel 75

Also- please keep talking to your friends/family/church members about Job's Daughters- the more girls we bring in, the more fun we will have. If you talk to someone and they are interested in Job's Daughters but have questions or need more information, please see myself or Mr. Dericks and we will help you! And remember- if we get a total of 14 daughters installed by the end of this year, we will get to go on a limo ride!!!!

Hope to see you all soon!


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